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Alex Karpovsky studied visual ethnography at Oxford University before wasting the next few years of his life trying to become the next Andy Kaufman. He now acts and makes movies. Alex's award-winning debut feature, THE HOLE STORY, earned him a slot in Filmmaker Magazine's 25 new faces of independent film and a plastic key to a small city in Northern Minnesota. His subsequent feature-length films include WOODPECKER (SXSW 2008), TRUST US, THIS IS ALL MADE UP (SXSW 2009), RUBBERNECK (Tribeca Film Festival 2012) and RED FLAG (Los Angeles Film Festival 2012). As an actor, Alex currently plays the role of Ray Ploshansky in the HBO comedy series GIRLS and appears in the last two Coen Brothers films - INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS and the upcoming HAIL, CAESAR!